01 Ponsford Stand, ground level seating bank, MCG

02 Metal barrier separating the MCG's southern thoroughfare from rail yards

03 MCG elevator

04 Ventilation system in the middle of the Ponsford Stand's seating bank, MCG

05 Highest point of the Olympic Stand's seating bank, MCG

06 Metal fencing separating a nearby tennis court and the MCG

07 Bridge crossing the Flinders rail yards, East Melbourne

08 Drainage system beneath Rowena Parade & Rotherwood St, Richmond

09 Residential living room, Richmond Terrace, Richmond

10 Iron fence separating Batman Avenue from the banks of the Yarra River

11 Saint Ignatius Church, Richmond

Whatever 018

Martin Kays Stadium records the crowds of voices that fill the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), a body public.

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